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Watercolor painting of Alaskan night sky by Max Romey.
Max Romey sketching at night in the mountains.

Upcoming workshop

From Mountaintop to Tabletop at Night

Bringing the night to life.

Online Workshop with Max Romey

Jan 22
Jan 23
Chelsea Ward’s travel sketchbook.
Chelsea Ward.

Upcoming workshop

Travel Sketchbook

Adventures in journaling and doodling.

Online Workshop with Chelsea Ward

Feb 5
Andrea England sketch.
Photo of Andrea England.

Upcoming workshop

Stylizing the Landscape

Bring vitality and atmosphere to your art.

Online Workshop with Andrea England

Feb 19

Live Demos

Join Maria live on Instagram for a series of live demos, as she talks with artists about their favorite tools, tricks, and techniques.

We’ll be archiving past demos here and on YouTube.

Color study by Lisa Spangler.


Mixing Triads with Lisa Spangler

Lisa demonstrates how to make small pamphlet books and shares tips on mixing triads, featuring our Greenleaf & Blueberry CMYK Palette.


Sketch of the Villa di Maser building by Palladio by Liz Steel.


Sketching Architecture with Liz Steel

Join me and Liz Steel as we sketch the Villa di Maser building in Italy, using some of the techniques she has developed for her book, 5 Minute Architecture.


Rack with a range of brushes in Maria Coryell-Martin’s home studio.


Studio Tour

See my workspace, favorite tools, and sketches from various expeditions.


Watercolor still life paintings of fruit by Samantha Dion Baker.


Live Demo Series

Join Maria as she paints with other artists, every Friday for a new live demo series.

Tools for Observation

Series of five videos

Follow along with Maria as she shares tips on supplies, contour and gesture sketching, and inspiration on composition. Watch Part 1: Supplies now, and we’ll send you the whole Tools for Observation series when you subscribe to our newsletter.