Watercolor & Sketching Toolkits

Our versatile and rugged kits include all you need to start your sketching adventure. Available in two sizes and multiple colors.

A Pocket Art Toolkit in grey with blue trim lays open with a sketchbook showing a watercolor painting of a coastal scene. A Pocket Palette filled with colorful watercolor pans sits on top.

Compact Watercolor Palettes & Pans

Our pocket-sized watercolor palettes feature a high-quality mixing surface and a magnetic base to mix-and-match an array of stainless steel refillable watercolor pans.

Three sizes of watercolor palettes: the Demi Palette, the Folio Palette, and the Pocket Palette, all with assorted pans with watercolors of various colors, and watercolor pans scattered in the foreground.

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The third step in getting to know your palette is making a swatch card! There are lots of ways to make swatch cards, so we shared our tips on the Art Toolkit Blog (link in bio).
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It’s one thing to borrow someone’s palette and explore it on the spot, but it’s another thing to take the time to get to know your own palette before venturing out into the world or wilderness with it. ⁠
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Last week, artist Robin Lee Carlson @anthropocenesketchbook) instructed Nature Journaling, an Art Toolkit workshop. Participants explored making marks with various pens and watercolors and learned how to capture the natural world around us in our sketchbooks! Robin is an encouraging instructor with a wealth of experience sketching on-location and embracing a loose style to fill a sketchbook organically. With a steady pace and stylistic guidance, Robin walked participants through sketching the foreground, middleground, and distant view of a scene, and she encouraged everyone (including you!) to give it a try today! Thank you Nakaia and Molly for sharing your workshop art with us.⁠
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Every time we come upon sketches of people’s palettes and art supplies, it brightens our day! We love when you tag us in the art you create, and it’s always an extra special treat to see our beloved products captured in your own artistic style. ⁠
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The wait is over, and we’re happy to announce that our Duotone Forest Art Toolkits are back in stock in both A5 and Pocket versions! Prepare for your art adventures, big and small, with this design that evokes the filtered sunlight and shadows of evergreen woods. Shop all Toolkits at arttoolkit.com!⁠
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An artist sites on a rock, dipping a paintbrush in a Pocket Palette.

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