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Pocket Palette with paint-filled pans

Pocket Watercolor Palettes

Compact, configurable, cute.

The Pocket, Demi, and Folio Palettes feature a high-quality mixing surface and magnetic tray to mix-and-match five sizes of stainless steel refillable watercolor pans.

Pocket Palette

The sketch anywhere, anytime watercolor palette.

Available in silver and black.


Pocket Palette with Assorted Pans

A sampler of pan sizes to inspire you.

Available in silver and black.


Pocket Palette with Mini Pans

Maximize your color possiblilties.

Available in silver and black.


Mixing Palette

Expand your mixing possibilities.

Available in silver and black.


Demi Palette

Compact, configurable, cute!

Available in silver and black.


Demi CMYK Palette

A minimalist modern primary palette.

Collaboration with Greenleaf & Blueberry


Folio Palette with Assorted Pans

Our largest pocket-sized watercolor palette.

Available in silver and black.


Folio Palette with Mini Pans

Carry up to 60 watercolors in your pocket.

Available in silver and black.


Folio Palette with 15 Double Pans

Paint big with a travel palette.

Available in silver and black.



Customize your palette with extra pans, or choose from our curated selection of watercolor and sketching tools and supplies.

Standard Pans

8 stainless steel 26mm x 13mm watercolor pans.


Mini Pans

10 stainless steel 13mm square watercolor pans.


Double Pans

5 stainless steel 26mm square watercolor pans.


Large Pans

3 stainless steel 52mm x 26mm watercolor pans.


Mixing Pan

Stainless steel watercolor pan with a mixing surface.


XL Mixing Pan

Stainless steel watercolor pan with a mixing surface.


ZigZag Book

Accordion-style mini watercolor sketchbook.


Moleskine Watercolor Album

Flood each page with color.


Moleskine Japanese Album

Capture creativity as it unfolds.


Silicone Cross Bands

A colorful hug for your stuff on the go.


Helvetica Pencils

Smooth, matte feel, and clean design.


Helvetica Mechanical Pencil

Perfectly weighted and elegant mechanical pencil.


X-Shot Collapsible Water Cup

Lightweight, collapsible travel water cup.


Mini Snap Containers

For your tiny treasures


Pocket Mister

Cutest little spray mister.


Refill Syringe

Easily refill your water brush.


Kneadable Eraser

A gentle and pliable eraser


E-Gift Card

Give the gift of art–anytime, anywhere!


Essential Colors Set

A whole world of color.


Daniel Smith 15mL Extra Fine Watercolors

Select pro-grade watercolor paints.


Winsor & Newton Gouache

Highlight brights and tint your watercolors.


Brush Pen

Make fine to broad lines with this calligraphic brush pen.


Gelly Roll Pens

Bring a little lightness to your watercolor work.


Medium Water Brush

On-the-go brush with built-in reservior.


Mini Water Brush

Tiny on-the-go brush with built-in reservior.


Kakuno Fountain Pen

A fun and stylish fountain pen for everyone.


Pilot Parallel Pens

Get creative with this versatile pen.


Pilot Parallel Pen Refill

Refill cartridges for the unique Parallel pen.


Pilot CON-40 Fountain Pen Converter

Fill your Pilot Paralell Pens with other inks.


R4 Pocket Red Dot One Stroke

Clean and straight edges.


Rosemary & Co Limited Edition Size 4

A fine point for details.


R9 Medium Squirrel

Soft and flexible for washes and detail.


Out of stock

R10 Golden Synthetic Pointed

Snappy and versatile round.


R13 Pocket Sable Blend

Sable/synthetic with a tapered point.


R16 Pocket Dagger

Multifunctional sable/nylon blend.


Rosemary & Co R19 Pointed Round

A big brush for big ideas.


R24 Pocket Eradicator

Lift out brights and soften hard edges.