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August 14, 2023

The Draw in Nature Giveaway

We love seeing you outside sketching, drawing, creating, and engaging with your surroundings, so we put together a giveaway to celebrate those moments!

By The Art Toolkit Team

An open laptop shows a page ,titled Wild Wonder Nature Journaling Conference, is staged on a desk with an open Demi Palette, drawstring bag, water brush, and a viney plant behind it.

First and foremost, we want to give a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Draw in Nature Giveaway last month! We received so many excellent pictures of you outside with your kits or just being outdoors and engaging with your surroundings. Congratulations to Nikki from Washington, who won the drawing of a Demi PaletteWater Brush, and a ticket to Wild Wonder’s Nature Journaling Conference

Someone sits in a campchair, sketching, on the bank of a river overlooking alpine trees and snowcapped mountains.
Nikki’s photo submission.

A few things came together to inspire our Draw in Nature Giveaway.
Behind the scenes, we strive to create content to inspire you, encourage you to try something new, and create anytime, anywhere. Between the Wild Wonder Foundation gathering plein air and nature journalers from around the world and providing us with an extra ticket to their annual virtual conference and artist Natalie Wetzig documenting her backpacking trips through comics, we felt inspired to put together the Draw in Nature Giveaway. We wanted to see people outside in any capacity, sketching, drawing, creating, and engaging with their surroundings.

Honorable Mentions

We received so many fantastic photo submissions from entrants that we were inspired to share honorable mentions. Enjoy some fun photos of folks out in nature!

A person bundled in puffy layers, knitware and a hat sketches on a rocky over look.
Ann with her kit on a birthday hike. “My Art Toolkits (I have a small and a large one) go everywhere with me and bring me joy.”
Someone sits in a wheelchair beside an RV, sketching at a folding table.
LD sketches outside her trailer in the Uinta Mountains.
A cow sketch blurry in the foreground on the lap of someone wearing brown boots on a sandy bank with cows in the background.
Mich nature journaling.
A person holds out a palette and a sketch of the distant, snow-covered mountains wiht a vast parking lot in the background.
Jan paints on the Arctic Circle line in Norway.
A person with a backpacking pack stands at a distance in a field overlooking a low mountain range.
David hikes through a prairie.
Over the shoulder of a white-haired person sketching a river from a camp chair.
Penny and Carol sketch by the river.
Over the shoulder of a person in a hat sketching a river from a camp chair.

Check out more photos on Instagram using the hashtag #ArtToolkitGiveaway, and remember that we love seeing what you’re up to and what you’re creating, so tag us @arttoolkit so we can virtually follow along on your adventures!

An artist sites on a rock, dipping a paintbrush in a Pocket Palette.

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