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August 2, 2023

Sketching at the Maritime Center

We took some new supplies to the beach for a little photoshoot and sketching session in downtown Port Townsend.

By The Art Toolkit Team

Someone sketches while sitting in a rowboat on the open water.

We love tools that can be reused and are excited to expand our offerings to include a dependable and versatile fountain pen and a selection of permanent, waterproof sketching inks. In anticipation of adding the Platinum Desk Pen and a selection of De Atramentis Document Inks to our shop, our team ventured downtown to spend the morning exploring these new tools. We hope you enjoy some photos from a fun and sunny morning at the beach!

The Platinum Desk Pen

A hand sketches with a fountain pen in a sketchbook which is sitting on an orange Art Toolkit on a rocky beach.
Well-balanced and with a smooth, extra-fine nib, this pen is a joy to sketch with.

With a cartridge of Carbon Platinum Ink included, you’re all set to start sketching. This rich black ink dries quickly and is waterproof, so it’s a perfect drawing tool for combining sketches and watercolor washes! Watch our video for guidance on using ink converters and replacing cartridges.

A capped fountain pen rests on a Pocket Art Toolkit on the beach.
The Platinum Desk Pen is lightweight and a perfect addition to your Toolkit.

De Atramentis Document Inks

Four bottles of differently-colored inks lined up.
45ml bottles of De Atramentis Document Ink in Blue Grey, Urban Grey, Brown, and Black.

We are now offering a selection of De Atramentis Document Inks in four colors to enliven your sketchbook:

  • Black: A rich, crisp black and a favorite of urban sketchers

  • Urban Grey: A warm grey for softer mark-making

  • Blue Grey: A lovely, medium blue

  • Brown: A warm, classic sepia

Someone stands in the partial shadow of a large wall with boats in the background.
Nakaia sketches at the Maritime Center.

Before you start your adventure, fill your fountain or refillable pens with waterproof, permanent ink to suit your style or subject! To use the Document Ink on the go, simply fill your converter with ink and load it into your favorite pen! The Platinum Desk Pen has its own ink converter. We also offer a Pilot CON-40 Fountain Pen Converter, compatible with our Pilot Parallel Pens and Kakuno Fountain Pens. Watch our video for guidance on using ink converters and replacing cartridges. 

A bottle of brown ink rests against a monochromatic brown sketch of a boat, all resting on the sand.
Maria sketched her boat using brown Document Ink on a toned sketchbook.

If you forget your dip pen, you can always use found objects! Maria gathered some sticks and a feather to dip into her bottle of black Document Ink. She brushed them off to avoid getting any sand or other small bits into the ink, then put “pen” to paper and sketched some nearby seagulls! Finally, she went in with her water brush to add a little dimension as a finishing touch. Give it a try, whether you’re in a pinch or just feeling like trying something new!

A sketch of seagulls on an open Toolkit, with someone's hands poised over an open bottle of ink with a stick.
Sticks, twigs, leaf ends, and small, pointy rocks all come in handy as makeshift tapered or unique tips for sketching.
Someone in sunglasses and a cap smiles at the camera, holding a sketchbook and laying on their stomach on the beach under a dock.
Maria sketches under the pier.

As a treat, Maria took her little geodesic boat (designed by Platt Monfort) for a paddle around the dock—until the wind picked up! This special boat was finished and oars made by Bruce Blatchley.

Someone sketches while sitting in a rowboat on the open water.
Paddling around with a sketchbook and her A5 Art Toolkit.

We love an excuse for an in-town photoshoot and sketching session! Above all, we’re pleased to be adding more sketching and journaling supplies to our webshop, and we hope you enjoy exploring pen and ink!

An artist sites on a rock, dipping a paintbrush in a Pocket Palette.

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