Platinum Desk Pen



We think you’ll love this well-balanced and smooth fountain pen from Japan.
A black fountain pen with a long handle and gold nib, displayed horizontally.
Someone holds a sketchbook and toolkit in one hand while sketching with a fine-tipped black pen with the other.

We love the classic, elegant look of the Platinum Desk Pen and how it feels in our hands. Well-balanced and with a smooth, extra-fine nib, this pen is a joy to sketch with. While the pen comes with a water soluble black ink cartridge, we recommend using this pen with Carbon Platinum Ink. This rich black ink dries quickly and is waterproof, so it’s a perfect drawing tool for combining sketches and watercolor washes! We also offer a compatible Platinum Desk Pen Converter, so you can use the pen with a variety of fountain pen inks, such as De Atramentis Document Ink. Watch our video for guidance on using ink converters and replacing cartridges.

A hand holds a black fountain pen, while making a line drawing of a dock scene on a rocky beach.

The Platinum Desk Pen was originally designed to be used at a desk (in fact, Platinum makes a special pen holder), but we prefer to carry it everywhere! Maria used the original Platinum Desk Pen for years and was disappointed when it was discontinued. Luckily, this new updated version performs beautifully, and she packs it in her Toolkit. It’s a perfect fit for our A5 Art Toolkits but will need an adjustment to fit in the smaller Pocket Art Toolkit (Maria scored the end of hers with a small saw!)

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An artist sites on a rock, dipping a paintbrush in a Pocket Palette.

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