An artist points a finger upwards and gazes to her left, while holding a giant sheet of watercolor paper with an abstract painting in blues and purples.

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Sophia Trinh

Sophia Trinh is a Vietnamese-American artist living in Seattle, Washington.

In 2015, Sophia began sharing her art with the public by hanging it in local coffee shops. Since then, her work has been a part of weddings, birthday parties, and decor in people’s homes. Her paintings combine imagination and geometry, using white space to draw the viewer’s eye to the image. She hopes that in sharing her art with the world, others will be encouraged to find space in their lives for art and creativity.
A watecolor illustration sits on a table, surrounded by flowers, and framed inside the shape of Washington State, depicting a mountain with trees in the foreground.
An abstract watercolor illustration in blues and greys.
An abstract watercolor illustration with gold hexagons and large round shapes in greys.
A hand holds a tiny watercolor illustration of a vibrant mountain, with dried flowers on a white background behind.
An artist with a pensive expression holds a paint brush. A studio wall with watercolor illustrations taped to it is in the background.
An watercolor illustration showing phases of the moon and saturn on top.
A watercolor illustration depicting a human heart with mushrooms growing all over it.
A watercolor illustration depicting a vibrant human heart. Flowers sit on top of it.
Three watercolor illustrations of misty forest scenes sit on a table with two mushrooms, a paint brush, and a tube of paint.
An open sketchbook on a table shows a vibrant mountain landscape. A watercolor palette sits open with watercolors on the mixing surface, and colorful watercolor pans. Flowers and pens surround.

Blog posts featuring Sophia Trinh

An artist sites on a rock, dipping a paintbrush in a Pocket Palette.

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