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Art Toolkit Ambassador

Lisa Spangler

Lisa Spangler is a wandering watercolor artist living in Austin, Texas.

A former software engineer, CTO, and current website designer, Lisa carves out time between working to get out and paint the natural world around her, from leaves to cacti to mushrooms. Through her art and travels, she aims to capture that feeling of awe and wonder on paper and spread that joy to others. Lisa has with big plans to take her and her husband’s newly converted van on some long adventures!

Blog posts featuring Lisa

Holiday wreath cards by Lisa Spangler.

Holiday Card Making with Lisa

Demos | December 07, 2022

Art Toolkit Ambassador Lisa Spangler demonstrates color mixing and guides us through creating homemade holiday cards!
Texas Coneflower sketch by Lisa Spangler.

Painting Coneflowers with Lisa Spangler

Inspiration | May 25, 2022

A few weeks ago, our friend and Art Toolkit Ambassador Lisa Spangler taught a workshop at Nash Prairie Preserve near the Gulf Coast of Texas, an extraordinary place protected by The Nature Conservancy. Here, Lisa shares some exercises that you can use to get to know wildflowers in your area, wherever you are!
Color study by Lisa Spangler.

Mixing Triads with Lisa Spangler

Demos | May 04, 2021

Lisa demonstrates how to make small pamphlet books and shares tips on mixing triads, featuring our Greenleaf & Blueberry CMYK Palette.