Wholesale terms and policies

This document represents the latest version of our policies, and supersedes any other documents we may have published in the past.

Thank you for your interest in carrying our products! We work hard to create great tools, and are excited to share them with you and your customers.

The following terms and conditions govern the sale of our products to authorized resellers in order to maintain our reputation for high-quality products, and to protect our resellers. Please review the following policies, and contact us with any questions.

Art Toolkit brand products

Art Toolkit brand products are our primary retail products that include the Art Toolkit label. The Art Toolkit, Pocket Art Toolkit, Pocket Palette, Demi Palette, and Paint-filled palettes are all examples of Art Toolkit brand products. Examples of non-brand products are our stainless-steel watercolor pans, water brush, pocket mister, and refill syringe.

Minimum order value

Minimum opening order: $500; minimum reorder: $250.


Wholesale orders typically ship within 7-14 days, depending on order size. We'll try to give you an idea of when the order will ship upon payment.


U.S. orders will be shipped using USPS Priority Mail, international orders will be shipped via DHL unelss otherwise requested. Shipping charges will apply.


Payment is due in advance of shipping any order, and may be made with a credit card, check, or wire transfer.

Retail pricing

We believe in providing consistent pricing for our customers, and require our resellers to adhere to our minimum advertised pricing (MAP), which is listed in our wholesale pricing, and is the same as the listed retail prices on our website.

Online listings

Any online listings of our Art-Toolkit brand products must include the Art Toolkit brand name, product name, a link to our website (, and adhere to our minimum advertised pricing policy. Non-brand products such as our stainless steel watercolor pans are not required to include our brand or product names.

Third-party sites

Art Toolkit brand products may not be resold by any of our resellers on third-party online marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Jet, etc. They are only allowed to be sold in your shop or on your own website. However, non-brand products such as our stainless steel watercolor pans may be repackaged and resold on Etsy and other sites.


Resellers may not offer for sale any customized Art Toolkit brand products without explicit permission. If you are interested in developing a custom-filled kit or palette, please contact us.


A credit will be issued for authorized returns to be used towards a future order or invoice. No refunds will be processed, except on a case-by-case basis for defective products.


Coupon codes and promotions offered for our regular retail customers are not valid on wholesale orders.


Cancellation of wholesale orders may be subject to a 10% restocking fee.


Placing a wholesale order with us confirms your understanding of the above terms and policies.