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Rosemary & Co Red Dot Rigger Size 6

A beautiful range of expressive marks.
  • Reversible handle allows for convenient storage.
  • Synthetic fiber.
  • Overall length: 7-1/4" / 4-1/8" when stored
  • Brush length is 1-3/16"/29.1mm


The Limited Edition Red Dot Size 6 Rigger is Rosemary & Co’s synthetic rigger. This long, thin brush creates a beautiful range of expressive marks. You can load it with paint for delicate, continuous lines or fine details such as grasses and tree branches. Explore twisting it on the paper, pushing it down, lightly lifting it, and playing with dry-brush techniques for various textures and calligraphic marks. A rigger is a fabulous addition to any kit! 

A hand holding a long-bristled brush with a blurry background.
Logo for Rosemary and Co brushes.

Rosemary & Co travel brushes are handmade in England and include a reversible cap that protects their tips and also extends their handles to a typical brush length. We stock several styles of Rosemary travel brushes that complement each other beautifully. You can find more brushes on our brushes page.