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Rosemary & Co R3 Red Dot Large Mop

Smooth washes and fine details.
  • Reversible handle allows for convenient storage.
  • Synthetic fiber.


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The R3 Red Dot Large Mop is a size 10 synthetic mop. It features an elegant quill design, with plastic and wire securing the hairs to hold more water. This brush creates both smooth washes with its broad side and fine details with its point. The Red Dot synthetic fibers have more spring than a squirrel or sable hair, helping the brush retain its form.

A hand holding a sturdy mop brush with a blurry background of snowberries.

We’ve loved experimenting with the R3 to make soft gradients for skies, blending colors smoothly. The brush can be lightly dragged or danced across the page for foreground details, creating delicate lines and expressive textures. A brush can be an extension of our arm and imagination. We love to explore the mark-making possibilities and hope you enjoy the R3 as much as we do.

Logo for Rosemary and Co brushes.

Rosemary & Co travel brushes are handmade in England and include a reversible cap that protects their tips and also extends their handles to a typical brush length. We stock several styles of Rosemary travel brushes that complement each other beautifully. You can find more brushes on our brushes page.