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Rosemary & Co R16 Sable/Nylon Blend Dagger 3/8"

Multifunctional sable/nylon blend.
  • Reversible handle allows for convenient storage
  • 4 1/8" (10.5cm) when stored, 7 7/8" (20cm) full-length
  • 3/8" case diameter, 3/8" brush size


Rosemary & Co travel brushes are a great addition to your studio or on-the-go toolkit. The R16 dagger is a sable/nylon blend that can create fine expressive marks with its tip, as well as wide, calligraphic strokes with its angled side.

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Rosemary & Co travel brushes are handmade in England and include a reversible cap that protects their tips and also extends their handles to a typical brush length. We stock several styles of Rosemary travel brushes that complement each other beautifully. You can find more brushes on our brushes page.