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, Nib: 1.5mm

Pilot Parallel Pens

Get creative with this versatile pen.
  • Includes: 1 Parallel pen in selected size, pen cap, black and red ink cartridges, cleaning pipette, nib cleaner, and manual.
  • 1.5mm, 2.4mm, or 3.8mm nib.
  • Fits in both the A5 Art Toolkit and Pocket Art Toolkit.
  • Other inks may be used using the optional converter (not included).


From broad marks to thin lines, this unique pen has endless possibilities.
Examples of different lines made with a Pilot Parallel pen.

Broad or skinny

This unique pen features two parallel metal plates for a nib, which distribute ink more evenly than conventional calligraphy nibs. This allows you to create broad, flat lines with a little pressure, or elegant varied lines with the corner of the nib. Did we mention it's fun? All of these options have endless possibilities for creating expressive and calligraphic marks. 

Mountainscape sketch with Pilot Parallel pen and water brush by Maria Coryell-Martin.

Get creative with ink & water

The included ink is water-soluble, which makes for fun sketching with a water brush or adding flourishes to watercolor after your paint has dried. We offer ink refills in black or multi-color, or if you have your own waterproof ink, you can refill the included cartridges with a syringe, or use the optional converter.

Pilot Parallel Pen package contents.

What’s included

Each Parallel Pen comes includes a pen cap, black and red ink cartridges, a cleaning pipette, a nib cleaner card, and a manual.

We also have refill cartridges available in black or multi-color, and the Pilot CON-40 converter to enable usage of other inks.

Pilot Parallel Pens in three sizes, drawing lines across paper.