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, Color: Clear Barrel with Clear Cap

Kakuno Fountain Pen

A fun and stylish fountain pen for everyone.
  • Available in clear barrel with clear cap, or white barrel with turquoise cap.
  • Fine nib fountain pen.
  • Includes a water-soluble black ink cartridge and instruction booklet.
  • Fits in both the A5 Art Toolkit and Pocket Art Toolkit.
  • Permanent or other inks may be used using the optional converter (not included).


The Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen is easy to pick up and write with, even for those new to fountian pens.
Sketching with the Pentel Kakuno Fountain Pen.

The Kakuno lightweight fountain pen by Pilot is a great pen for any level of artist. We love the smooth flow of ink and the comfortable, hexagonal shape that prevents hand fatigue—and your pen rolling away! Did we mention it looks good, too? A cute smiley face on the nib even reminds you which way to hold the pen for the best ink flow. This pen is a joy to use, and we think you’ll love it, too!

The Kakuno includes a water-soluble black Pilot ink cartridge and accepts an optional converter (to use permanent or other inks), sold separately in our shop.