, Color: Silver

Empty Pocket Palette

The sketch anywhere, anytime watercolor palette.
  • Measures 3 5/8" x 2 1/4" x 1/4" (~92mm x 64mm x 7mm) when closed.
  • Weighs ~1.1 oz (~31g) without pans.
  • Rust-proof hinged aluminum case.
  • Magnetic tray, fully compatible with all sizes of our stainless watercolor pans.
  • Includes a reusable cloth drawstring logo pouch.


The Pocket Palette is the go-to watercolor palette for painting in any environment. Featuring a large mixing area and a magnetic tray that can hold up to 28 Mini Pans.

Pocket Palette with an assortment of watercolor pans.

Limitless configuration

With four different sizes of stainless steel watercolor pans available, there are over 40 million possible permutations of pans for each Pocket Palette! We stock our palettes in three different combinations (selectable above), which frankly, barely scratches the surface of possibilities. How will you arrange yours?