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May 8, 2024

Travel Sketching with Thainlin Tay

Capture memories of the places you visit!

By The Art Toolkit Team

An open sketchbook with a market sketch in pen, and a market in the background.

This is a live recording from our Travel Sketching live demo with artist Thainlin Tay from May 7th, 2024. Thainlin joined us for this virtual event from across the world in Singapore! In the live demo, Thainlin shared samples of his art, go-to tools and sketching supplies, ideas about travel sketching, and how he approaches making art on trips! He demonstrated how he simplifies a scene, pictured below, and offered tips and techniques for travel sketching that you can take on your next adventure.

two sketches side-by-sde of a colorful watercolor sketch of a temple on a hill, next to the same in greyscale.
The Wat Saket temple in Bangkok, Thailand.

Traveling is an excellent opportunity to sketch and capture memories of the places you visit in a sketchbook, whether you travel to far-flung corners of the globe or into a neighboring town. We hope you enjoy this live demo and take some tips from Thainlin for your next outing!

A man sits on a mosaiced bench with blurry folliage in the background.
A sketch of a big white house with a tile roof, surrounded by palm trees and greenery.

About Thainlin

Thainlin Tay has been an urban sketcher for almost ten years and has refined his process to include a healthy balance of time spent on his art and with his family. In his own words, he has learned through “observation, ‘mindful copying,’ and lots of practice.” As an avid urban sketcher and artist, he enjoys visiting the city’s older historical areas to sketch buildings and places of worship that harken back to when Singapore was a trading port for the old British Empire. His goal is to capture these architectural gems to represent a part of the new and old city with his artistic input.

In January, Thainlin traveled to Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city, and documented his travels through sketches and photographs. Check out his art and a supplies list on the Art Toolkit Blog’s Sketching in Thailand. Thank you, Thainlin for sharing glimpses of what looked like a busy and colorful trip filled with found moments to stop and sketch the surroundings.

Learn more about Thainlin’s work and see his art on Instagram.

All images courtesy of Thainlin Tay.

An artist sites on a rock, dipping a paintbrush in a Pocket Palette.

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