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October 9, 2023

Wildflower Watercolors with Sushma Hegde

Paint captivating florals through an exploration of vibrant colors and loose brushstrokes with this live demo recording.

By The Art Toolkit Team

This is a live recording from our demo with artist Sushma Hegde from October 4th, 2023. In this demo, Sushma shared tips for sketching bright and loose wildflowers with watercolors, starting with brushstrokes and leaf shapes. She demonstrated how to paint a number of flowers and their foliage, including wild roses and irises in an expressive style with watercolors. You do not need any painting or drawing experience to try this, as Sushma guides you through simple steps to bring these flowers together into a wildflower-filled page.

Portrait of a woman in a blue dress standing along a dirt road with an easel set-up.
Sushma’s plein air set-up in the countryside.
A book with lively colors and paintings of flowers is on a wooden surface with flowers and paints around it.
Wildflower Watercolor is available in our Bookshop!

About Sushma

Sushma Hegde is a self-taught artist, best-selling author, and educator. She paints beautiful florals and landscapes inspired by the nature and wilderness around her. Over the past four years, she has taught thousands of students and helped them confidently grow their creative skills. In her best-selling book, Wildflower Watercolor, Sushma simplifies and demystifies the painting process to encourage more people to enjoy creating.

Sushma’s Book: Wildflower Watercolor

Wildflower Watercolor is a beginner’s guide to painting florals by artist Sushma Hegde. Her book opens with detailed notes and photographs of Sushma’s favorite painting supplies and paper and concludes with a section on composition, equipping the reader with the skills to paint a whole bouquet. The rest of the book is divided into two sections, “Wild Herbs” and “Wildflowers,” with over a dozen examples of each. Wildflower Watercolor is an incredible resource for artists looking to refine their brushwork technique, flower lovers curious about watercolor, and anyone who enjoys beautifully vibrant how-to guides!

Check out Sushma’s website and Instagram page to keep up with class and print offerings and other news!

An artist sites on a rock, dipping a paintbrush in a Pocket Palette.

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