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July 5, 2023

What’s in My Duotone Ocean Art Toolkit?

Max Romey is our resident videographer and adventuring artist Ambassador, and he wants to share a little bit of what is in his new Duotone Ocean A5 Art Toolkit and why he uses it!

By Max Romey & The Art Toolkit Team

With two hands, someone holds out a sketch of a forested creek with the scene in the background, aligned perfectly with the painting; an open toolkit of supplies is laid out in front of them.

Max Romey is our resident videographer and adventuring artist Ambassador, and he wants to share a little bit of what is in his new Duotone Ocean A5 Art Toolkit and why he uses it!

These days, Max has been pretty busy juggling art and a new kiddo at home but still finds the time to capture day-to-day things in his sketchbook. Max has been working hard behind the scenes lately as he gears up for an upcoming film project he’s been planning. A little while back, he stumbled upon his grandmother’s sketchbook, full of on-site sketches and notes from 40 years ago, and decided to follow in her footsteps to paint the same places through her eyes as she once experienced them.

It was while getting ready for that project that Max shared the contents of his new A5 Art Toolkit with us!

A person stands on a gravel path in the woods, holding up a blue Toolkit and a ripped-open shipping envelope, their eyes just showing over the top of the kit.
Max opens his new Art Toolkit while on a walk in the woods.

“The most important art supply you can have is whatever you have with you,” he says to the camera (definitely not attached to a stroller). “And I’m constantly on the move, so it is kind of an issue because it doesn’t help me out if I’m not at home, which is why I’m so excited for what’s in here,” he says as he tears open the package to reveal a new Duotone Ocean Toolkit, the new blue color perfectly matching Alaska’s ice and snow-covered landscape where Max resides.

A person stands in a snowy mountain valley, with a photoshopped blue watercolor sky.
An edited image of a snowy, Alaskan valley with a watercolor sky by Max Romey.

“It’s kind of just a really fancy pencil case that comes in a bunch of different colors, but it’s been a game-changer for me. They also come in different sizes, and I don’t have to worry about carrying all of this,” he motions to all the supplies he is carrying in his hands.

A hand holds a water brush over a palette of paints in front of a stump covered in art supplies with a cabin in the woods in the background.
Plein air cabin painting with Art Toolkit supplies.

“It’s good to know your kit inside and out, so when you’re painting in the dark, it’s second nature,” he claims in a video posted to his Instagram.

An artist paints by headlamp light on a rocky mountainside.
Equipped with the right supplies, neither darkness nor cold will stop Max from making art.

Max carries more than a few essential supplies with him while he’s on the go:

—all of which fits in his A5 Toolkit!

An open Art Toolkit surrounded by various sketching supplies and a sketchbook laid on a bamboo floor.
Max’s on-the-go sketching supplies, ready to pack up.

Holding up the new Art Toolkit, he says, “With this, I don’t really have to choose, and it makes a huge difference. Try it out and find yourself a fancy pencil case.”

As an artist, Max is known for his brightly-colored landscapes and the paintings he daringly undertakes way up in the mountains and all over the alpine trails of Alaska. In addition to sharing short-form content on Instagram and his website, he uses his unique blend of watercolors and videography to highlight complex environmental problems affecting Alaskan and global communities. His visual style blends hand-painted watercolors and animation with cinematic videography to create films that help make environmental challenges more relatable.

An artist sites on a rock, dipping a paintbrush in a Pocket Palette.

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