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Painting Waves with Maggie Sutrov

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Demos | May 19, 2023

This is a recording of our Painting Waves live demo on May 17th, 2023 with Maggie Sutrov!

Painting waves and shore breaks is one of the joys of plein air painting. You have to stay loose and go with the flow! But how do you break down what’s actually going on in that constant, beautiful motion?

Ten thumbnail sketches of waves and surfers clipped to a board with a Pocket Palette.
Thumbnail sketches of waves with a Pocket Palette | Maggie Sutrov

Maggie guided students through a simple process of noticing the patterns within the waves and putting them down with expressive strokes. Join along for some tips for capturing what you see next time you are at the beach or on a rocky bluff overlooking the ocean!

About Maggie

Maggie wears a sunhat and holds up a painting sketch of a rocky feature in the oceans while sitting on a boat.
Maggie holds up her painting of the ocean | Pocket Palette | Maggie Sutrov

Maggie Sutrov is a passionate artist who grew up on the island of Maui, Hawaii. In addition to creating her own art, she enjoys guiding others through their creative process and teaching them to use painting and drawing to observe the natural world more closely.

Her most recent projects weave conservation and art education to connect people to the work groups are doing to caretake her island of Maui. Additionally, Maggie and her partner, who just finished building a boat, have launched a boat charter business together. She looks forward to painting views of Maui and the ocean from out on the water.

You can see more of Maggie’s work and learn about her classes on her website and on Instagram.