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Pet Portraits with Latasha Greene

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Demos | February 09, 2023

This is a recording of our live Pet Portrait demo with Latasha Greene!

Latasha Greene is an illustrator living in Colorado near the Rocky Mountains who draws inspiration for her work from nature and travel. From sculpting miniature clay baguettes and designing inspiring prism stickers to painting landscapes with watercolor and capturing the world around her with digital art, Latasha does it all! She started doing pet portraits a few years ago as a small personal project for a local animal shelter. The shelter provided pictures of the beloved older residents, and Latasha used these reference images to create unique pet portraits for the new owner to take home.

During the live demo, Latasha guided us through choosing a good reference photo, sketching techniques, color choices, and design tips so you can make your own pet portraits.

An artist looks softly at the camera and stands with their hand resting on a tabletop covered in artwork.
Latasha Greene in her studio

Learn more about Latasha and see her work on Instagram and her website.