A photograph of an artist sitting on a rock in a snowy mountain landscape. The rock he sits on has a sign that says 'Hatcher Pass Summit. An illustration has been overlaid outlining mountains and birds in the sky.'

Art Toolkit Ambassador

Max Romey

Max Romey is an award-winning Alaskan painter, filmmaker, and educator known for connecting people to the planet through his visually creative films and artwork.

Struggling with dyslexia in his youth led him to use visual arts to communicate with friends, family, and the outdoors. Today, Max’s work in film and watercolor highlights complex environmental problems affecting his community.
Gloved hands hold a sketchbook with a watercolor illustration of three caribou, a snowy landscape is in the background.
A watercolor illustration of a solitary figure in a mountain landscape, some of the mountains have been filled with saturated watercolors and some are left uncolored.
A solitary figure in a snow field surrounded by snowy mountains, and a blue watercolor sky above that has been edited into the image.
An self-portrait of an artist in a beanie and yellow jacked standing in a snowy mountain landscape, who faces the camera he holds with a wide grin.
A watercolor illustration of a vibrant mountainous landscape with a solitary figure standing in the foreground.
Four wide landscape watercolor illustrations, each showing a vibrant mountain landscape.
A hand holds an open sketchbook showing a vibrant mountain landscape, with a wide turqouise river and mountains in the background.
Open sketchbooks on a table, each with a vibrant mountain landscape.
Two gloved hands in red sleeves holding an open sketchbook and watecolor palette. The sketchbook shows a watercolor illustration of a snowy landscape.
View from above of an artist on a ski chairlift, holding a large watercolor illustration of skiers in colorful outfits.
An artist sites on a rock, dipping a paintbrush in a Pocket Palette.

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