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Ultralight Sketcher Set

A little kit for big ideas.
  • Silver Demi Palette with 12 Mini Pans
  • 5cm x 5xcm Hahnemüehle ZigZag Sketchbook with 18 pages of fine-grained watercolor paper.
  • Mini Water Brush
  • 3" red silicone Cross Band
  • *paint not included

$40.00 $36.00

This special set includes the minimum essentials for travel sketching with watercolor*. Perfect for the backpacker, bikepacker, or carry-conscious urban sketcher.
The Ultralight Sketcher fits in your pocket.

Fits right in your pocket.

The Demi Palette is our most compact watercolor palette at 2-3/16" x 1-3/4". However small, its tiny size belies its ability to carry up to 12 different watercolors.

The Hahnemüehle ZigZag book is barely bigger than the Demi Palette, and a 3" red silicone cross band keeps these two snuggled together tight in your pocket.

Rounding off this bundle is our favorite little water brush. The perfect size to take with you anywhere!

The Ultralight Sketcher Bundle.

*B.Y.O. Colors

We wanted to keep this set very affordable, so you’ll want to bring your own watercolors. If you need to pick some up, Maria suggests the Essential Colors Set, or a basic triad such as Perylene Red, Hansa Yellow Medium, and French Ultramarine.