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, Sketch & Note Colors: Red & Orange

New Painter Set

Begin your watercolor adventure.
  • Explore Palette with six Van Gogh® by Royal Talens colors
  • Two Hahnemühle Sketch & Note sketchbooks
  • Medium Water Brush
  • Art Toolkit mini tips booklet

$60.00 $56.00

This special gift set for beginning your watercolor adventure includes the Explore Palette with six Van Gogh® by Royal Talens colors, two Hahnemühle Sketch & Note sketchbooks, a Medium Water Brush, and a mini tips booklet.
The Explore Palette shown alongside color studies.

A curated, limited palette

The Explore Palette includes just six colors: Transparent Yellow Medium, Permanent Red Light, Phthalo Blue, Yellow Ochre, Quinacridone Rose, Payne’s Grey. Every color has a high degree of transparency, lightfastness, and is certified non-toxic.

Working within a limited palette can be freeing—you’re not overwhelmed by too many choices, and you’re pushed to explore color mixing in new ways.

Hahnemühle Sketch & Note notebook color combinations, showing red/orange, blue/green, and grey/fuschia.

Hahnemühle Sketch & Note notebooks come in packs of two, and are available in red/orange, blue/green, and grey/fuschia while supplies last.

A hand holds the New Painter Set, tied up in red ribbon, with fall colors in the background.

The perfect gift for the new painter

Pairing the vibrant 6-color Explore Palette in silver, a Medium Water Brush, two Sketch & Note sketchbooks, and some tips for getting started, this collection provides the foundation a budding watercolorist needs to start painting!