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Mountain Trio Paint Set

Three colors for mountain skies, rocks, and pines.
  • Three 15ml Daniel Smith watercolor tubes: Phthalo Blue (Red Shade), Lunar Earth, and Perylene Green.
  • Set includes three 13mm x 13mm Mini Pans to fill with paint.


Explore mountain skies, rock, and pines with these three colors from Daniel Smith. The transparent Phthalo Blue (Red Shade) creates deep blues and clean darks. Combine the wildly granulating Lunar Earth with warm blues for textured rocks and mountainsides. Brighten the deep tones of Perylene Green with yellows for sun-kissed trees, or add blues for shadowy foliage.

This set includes three Mini Pans, which you may fill with paint and add to your Pocket or Demi Palette. Watch the video below for instructions. Note: mixing with glycerine should not be necessary for these paints.