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Mini Sketch Set

Tiny tools for your sketching adventures.


The Mini Sketch Set includes our favorite tiny tools for your sketching adventures! We're offering this minimalist set at a discount for a limited time, including the Demi Essential Colors Palette, a ZigZag Sketchbook, and a Medium Water Brush.

Essential Colors Palette and Demi Essentials Palette

The Demi Essential Colors Palette

The Demi Essential Colors Palette features six vibrant colors to give you a head start on your watercolor adventures. Three empty Standard Pans may be filled with your own watercolors (pictured here with the full-size Essential Colors Pocket Palette, available separately).

Hahnemüehle ZigZag watercolor sketchbook.

ZigZag Sketchbook

The ZigZag Book is an accordion-style mini sketchbook from Hahnemüehle measures just 5cm square, and features a fine-grain watercolor paper well-suited for all wet painting techniques with brush or pen.

Pentel Medium Water Brush.

Medium Water Brush

The Pentel Aquash Medium Water Brush has a durable nylon tip that holds water well. The built-in reservoir means you’re less dependent on a separate water container. These brushes are equally well-suited for kids and pro artists!