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, Option: Icy Fjords Palette

The Icy Fjords Palette

Support art, science, and education with this special palette featuring handmade paints by the Art of Soil.
  • 10 × 1ml Standard Pans filled with handmade watercolors by the Art of Soil.
  • Engraved line art by Maria Coryell-Martin inspired by Alaska’s Kenai Fjords.
  • 1 Large Mixing Pan featuring the same high-quality mixing surface as the palette.
  • Rust-proof hinged aluminum case in “Glacial Blue.”
  • Measures 3 5/8" x 2 1/4" x 1/4" (~92mm x 64mm x 7mm) when closed.
  • Includes a pocket-size tri-fold book with palette details and a color reference, and a reusable cloth drawstring logo pouch, all packaged in a reusable kraft jewelry box.
  • 10% of each sale directly supports Inspiring Girls* Expeditions.


Support art, science, and exploration with this limited-edition palette featuring handmade paints by the Art of Soil and engraved line art inspired by Alaska’s Kenai Fjords. We’re donating 10% of each sale to Inspiring Girls* Expeditions.
UPDATE: The Icy Fjords Palette has sold out. Please keep an eye on our newsletter for future paint-filled palettes.
The lid of the Icy Fjords palette, featuring laser-engraved line art by Maria Coryell-Martin depicting Alaska’s Kenai Fjords.
A kayaking group in Alaska’s Kenai Fjords.

A collaboration to support Inspiring Girls* Expeditions

I worked with Karen Vaughan, soil scientist, and paintmaker, to select ten colors inspired by the glacier-carved landscape of Alaska’s Kenai Fjords, where I’ve instructed with Inspiring Girls* Expeditions. These colors capture the elements of earth, sea, rock, ice, and vegetation of the coastal mountains.

Maria Coryell-Martin, Art Toolkit founder

Four color mixes from the Icy Fjords Palette.
A chart showing color swatches from the Icy Fjords Palette.

Capture the elements of the coastal mountains

Mix a range of blues for big skies and mineral-rich icy waters. Create rocky textures with Sundowner, Hematite, and Basalt, and mix colors into Sprout for varied vegetation. Use soft purples for shadows or sunset with Sundowner, and create white accents with Titania for snow-capped peaks and icebergs. Explore, experiment, and have fun!

  1. Shine
  2. Goethite
  3. Sundowner
  4. Hematite
  5. Basalt
  1. Deep Blue Sea
  2. Blue
  3. Sprout
  4. Coastal Water
  5. Titania

These are handmade paints and may show irregularities in their dried form that do not affect their quality and performance.

Maria stands in front of a group of students on a rocky beach in Alaska, holding an easel.

Inspiring Girls* Expeditions

Inspiring Girls* Expeditions leads tuition-free multi-day expeditions for high school girls* that interweave science, art, and backcountry travel. Led by professional women scientists, artists, and wilderness guides, the teams engage in scientific and artistic inquiry about the environment around them. Art Toolkit founder Maria Coryell-Martin has supported the program as an instructor and advisor since 2009. Learn more about the impact every donation will make, and discover how to get involved on the Inspiring Girls* website.

Your donation has an impact!

* Inspiring Girls* Expeditions welcomes cisgender girls and transgender, agender, Two Spirit, nonbinary, intersex, and genderqueer youth.

Paintmaker Karen Vaughn stands in rocky, sage covered terrain, about to dig into the soil with a shovel. Below, eight images of different types of soil are framed by circles.

The Art of Soil

Karen Vaughan has long been fascinated by color. She is an associate professor of soil science at the University of Wyoming as well as an artist, paint maker, and jill-of-all-trades at the Art of Soil. Karen is a classically trained pedologist whose research traverses applied environmental biogeochemistry and pedology through the exploration of soil evolution and ecosystem processes across scales. She also works collaboratively to explore the distribution and implications of diversity and inclusion within the field of soil science.

Karen is a community-taught pigment forager and paint maker and is thrilled to be on this mineral journey with all the other movers, shakers, creatives, and makers. When not working with soils, pigments, and paint, she can be found traversing the trails of southeastern Wyoming while trail running, skiing, biking, or wandering with her two children and husband.

See more of Karen’s work on the Art of Soil website.