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Grow Untamed Collection

A limited-edition palette, inspired by the red rocks of Southern Utah.
  • Limited-edition engraved red Pocket Palette in a printed cotton drawstring bag, both featuring art by Melissa Esplin.
  • 6 Letter Sparrow paints: Buff Gouache, Sky Gouache, Kelly Green Watercolor, Sunflower Watercolor, Italian Orange Watercolor, Violet Ochre Watercolor in highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel watercolor pans.
  • 1 XL Mixing Pan featuring the same high-quality mixing surface as the palette.
  • Card printed with art by Melissa, with a handy color reference on the back side.
  • Hahnemühle Agave Watercolor Pad, 290gsm, 3.15" x 4.13" (8x10.5cm), 12 sheets.
  • Pentel Mini Water Brush.


The Grow Untamed Collection is our collaboration with artist Melissa Esplin and paint maker Kelly Holstrom of Letter Sparrow. The collection includes a limited-edition red palette, custom engraved with art by Melissa, a Hahnemühle Agave Watercolor Pad, a Pentel Mini Water Brush, and a paint swatch card for inspiration.
Contents of the Grow Untamed Palette Collection

A limited-edition palette inspired by the desert southwest

Inspired by the red rocks of Southern Utah and the endangered Bearclaw Poppy found there, the pigments in the Grow Untamed Palette evoke the desert’s subtle, dusty tones and lively splashes of color.

The collection includes a small Hahnemühle Agave Watercolor Pad, an acid-free, vegan, and sustainably produced cold-press watercolor paper.

Gradient swatches from the Grow Untamed Palette

A mix of watercolor and gouache

The palette contains four watercolors and two opaque gouaches.

  • Create a lovely granulated green by mixing kelly green, sunflower, and violet ochre.
  • Capture a range of desert soil with Italian orange and violet ochre, with a touch of buff.
  • Washes of sky blue capture a subtle desert atmosphere while sunflower yellow brings a pop of color to your desert flowers.
The Grow Untamed Palette front
The Grow Untamed Palette back
Bearclaw Poppy by Melissa Esplin
Original art using the Grow Untamed Palette by Melissa Esplin
Photo of Kelly Hollstrom

Since 2016, Letter Sparrow has supported artists by offering high-quality, handmade watercolor paints and gouache. Their paints are non-toxic, highly pigmented, vegan, and professional-grade. Kelly, the founder of Letter Sparrow, currently lives in Texas with her husband, son, and two dogs.

Photo of Melissa Esplin

Melissa Esplin is a hobby hoarder who brings all her passions and skills together through journaling.

Her interests pull her in all sorts of directions, from painting, drawing, calligraphy, and design to mountain biking, hiking, motorcycling, church service, and dirt biking. The one unifier in her life has been journaling. She has kept a journal since the tender age of 5, but it wasn’t until three years ago when she switched from exclusively writing in her journals to drawing in them, too!