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, Contents: With Explore Colors Paint Set

Expedition Set

A full-featured set for adventures big and small.
  • Royal Blue A5 Art Toolkit Cover
  • Black Folio Palette with Assorted Pans
  • 8-1/4" x 5" Moleskine Watercolor Album
  • Rosemary & Co R10 travel brush
  • Red X-Shot Cup
  • All the A5 Art Toolkit supplies: Medium Water Brush, Golden Bear Pencil, Sharpie Fine Pen, Refill Syringe, Spray Mister, 2 Mini Binder Clips and sketching tips mini booklet
  • 6" clear plastic ruler (metric/imperial)
  • Optional: Explore Colors Set
Available with or without paint set.

$178.00 $168.00

The Expedition Set is a full-featured adventure art kit including our A5 Art Toolkit, upgraded with a Folio Palette with Assorted Pans and an optional Explore Colors Set.
Maria Coryell-Martin sketching in Greenland.

A full-featured adventure art kit

Created by an Expeditionary Artist, the Art Toolkit includes all you need to sketch and paint from mountain to urban adventures. We’ve included our favorite tools, all tested in the field to meet our own high standards for quality.

A person in a plaid shirt holds the Royal Blue A5 Art Toolkit with a bicylce and fall colors in the background.

You can take it with you

The Expedition Set is our A5 Art Toolkit, upgraded to include a Folio Palette with Assorted Pans, an R10 Rosemary & Co Travel Brush, and an X-Shot Cup.

Whether you bring your own paints or go with the optional Explore Colors Set, the Folio Palette with Assorted Pans will provide plenty of room for all the colors and mixing space you need on your art adventure.

This set is only available during the holiday season while supplies last, so pick one up today for the adventurer on your list!