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Demi CMYK Palette

A minimalist modern primary palette.
  • Includes four handmade watercolors from Greenleaf & Blueberry: Quinacridone Magenta, Quinoxalinedione Yellow, Phthalocyanine Cyan, and Grey Ochre.
  • A Mixing Pan to give you plenty of space to mix your colors.
  • Fully compatible with all sizes of our stainless watercolor pans.
  • Measures 2 3/16" by 1 3/4" x 1/4" (~55mm x 45mm x 7mm) when closed.
  • Rust-proof hinged aluminum case.
  • Highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel watercolor pans.
  • Includes a reusable cloth drawstring logo pouch.
Collaboration with Greenleaf & Blueberry


This limited-edition collaboration with our friends at Greenleaf & Blueberry includes cyan, magenta, and yellow pigments. Along with black, these modern primaries have endless mixing possibilities.
Color pyramid showing mixing possibilities of the CMYK palette.
Color Pyramid © Greenleaf & Blueberry

The modern primaries

The modern primary colors are cyan, magenta, and yellow. With these three colors (and black), you can truly mix any hue. Create reds and oranges using magenta and yellow. Discover a range of browns and greys by combining complements, such as red/green, yellow/purple, blue/orange, and tint them further with black.

A natural/synthetic blend

These pigments are natural/synthetic hybrids (except Grey Ochre, which is all-natural). Greenleaf & Blueberry selected the pigments that best represented these modern primaries and fixed them to a natural base. They will handle more like a natural pigment, but with the bombastic high chroma punch of synthetics. Read more about the story behind these colors on the Greenleaf & Blueberry Blog.

The Greenleaf & Blueberry logo.

Greenleaf & Blueberry

Based in Colorado, USA, Greenleaf & Blueberry produces handmade materials and supplies for the traveling artist. Learn more about their small-batch artisanal watercolors on the Greenleaf & Blueberry website.