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Brushes, Pens & Pencils

A selection of our favorites for travel and studio work.

Travel watercolor brushes.

R4 Pocket Red Dot One Stroke

Clean and straight edges.


R9 Medium Squirrel

Soft and flexible for washes and detail.


R10 Golden Synthetic Pointed

Snappy and versatile round.


Out of stock

R12 Pocket Dagger

Multifunctional sable/synthetic blend.


R13 Pocket Sable Blend

Sable/synthetic with a tapered point.


R16 Pocket Dagger

Multifunctional sable/nylon blend.


R24 Pocket Eradicator

Lift out brights and soften hard edges.


Out of stock

Medium Water Brush

On-the-go brush with built-in reservior.


Mini Water Brush

Tiny on-the-go brush with built-in reservior.


Brush Pen

Make fine to broad lines with this calligraphic brush pen.


Helvetica Pencil Set

Smooth, matte feel, and clean design.


Kakuno Fountain Pen

A fun and stylish fountain pen for everyone.


Pilot Parallel Pens

Get creative with this versatile pen.


Pilot Parallel Pen Refill

Refill cartridges for the unique Parallel pen.


Pilot CON-40 Fountain Pen Converter

Fill your Pilot Paralell Pens with other inks.