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Brushes, Pens & Pencils

A selection of our favorites for travel and studio work.

Travel watercolor brushes.

R4 Pocket Red Dot One Stroke

Clean and straight edges.


Rosemary & Co Limited Edition Size 4

A fine point for details.


Out of stock

R10 Golden Synthetic Pointed

Snappy and versatile round.


R12 Pocket Dagger

Multifunctional sable/synthetic blend.


R13 Pocket Sable Blend

Sable/synthetic with a tapered point.


R16 Pocket Dagger

Multifunctional sable/nylon blend.


Rosemary & Co R19 Pointed Round

A big brush for big ideas.


R24 Pocket Eradicator

Lift out brights and soften hard edges.


Medium Water Brush

On-the-go brush with built-in reservior.


Mini Water Brush

Tiny on-the-go brush with built-in reservior.


Brush Pen

Make fine to broad lines with this calligraphic brush pen.


Gelly Roll Pens

Bring a little lightness to your watercolor work.


Helvetica Pencils

Smooth, matte feel, and clean design.


Helvetica Mechanical Pencil

Perfectly weighted and elegant mechanical pencil.


Kakuno Fountain Pen

A fun and stylish fountain pen for everyone.


Pilot Parallel Pens

Get creative with this versatile pen.


Pilot Parallel Pen Refill

Refill cartridges for the unique Parallel pen.


Pilot CON-40 Fountain Pen Converter

Fill your Pilot Paralell Pens with other inks.