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A pen and watercolor sketch of a rock wall, by Jane Blundell.

Watercolor Triads

Create Mood and Harmony with Limited Palettes

Online Workshop with Jane Bludell Saturday, March 11, from 3pm–5:15pm Pacific

Note: this workshop will take place Saturday, March 11, from 3pm–5:15pm Pacific time (10am–12:15pm on Sunday, March 12, Sydney time).

Color mixing has infinite possibilities but can also be overwhelming! Working with a small and well-selected triad helps simplify the painting process and can bring harmony to your piece. It can also set a particular mood depending on the qualities of your pigments.

Develop your confidence in choosing and using triads with artist and color-expert Jane Blundell. She’ll guide you through working with two different triads, a basic primary set and a set of earth pigments. You will have the opportunity to explore their mixes and complete a sketch study with each to see them in action.

Saturday, March 11, from 3pm–5:15pm Pacific

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Jane’s Recommended Supplies

  • Watercolor paper or a small watercolor sketchbook
    • Brushes
      • Pencil and eraser
        • Paper towel or cloth
          • 2 cups for water: one clean and one for rinsing
            • Watercolors

              Ideally a mid yellow such as Hansa Yellow Medium, Quinacridone Rose, Ultramarine, Cerulean Chromium, Indian red, and a yellow earth - either Yellow Ochre or Goethite or a Raw Sienna. (All Daniel Smith color names but any brand is fine.)
              • Some coins—smaller and larger—to use as circle templates.

                What to expect

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                Portrait of watercolor artist Jane Blundell.

                About Jane

                Jane Blundell is a passionate watercolor artist who loves capturing the natural world around her.

                She primarily enjoys working from life but embraces the challenge of abstraction. Her work covers a range of media, from watercolor to pen and ink to collages and pastels. Often, these mediums all come together in a single piece.

                Jane has over 40 years of experience working with and exploring watercolors. She is a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute and an exhibiting member of the Royal Art Society of New South Wales. Jane absolutely loves teaching and is looking forward to sharing her vast knowledge of and passion for color mixing in this Art Toolkit Workshop!

                You can learn more about Jane, browse a gallery of her paintings, and explore her incredible blog on her website.