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Andrea England sketch.

Stylizing the Landscape

Bring vitality and atmosphere to your art.

Online Workshop

Discover how to stylize landscapes and coastlines to capture how a place feels. Play with ink and watercolor to explore how exaggerating shape, line, and color can help you bring a sense of vitality and atmosphere to your art.

Andrea will show you how she simplifies the views she sketches and how she chooses what to include–and what to leave out. You’ll experiment with combining your own personality with the unique features of a place to create unique sketches, whether you’re working from photos and memories or creating on location.

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Andrea’s Recommended Supplies

  • Watercolor paper

    Watercolour sheets or sketchbook with cold-press watercolor paper. I like paper with a gentle tooth, like Fabriano (Studio or Artistico) or Arches.
    • Brushes

      A round that keeps a good point. I use a Da Vinci size 6 travel brush.
      • Pen

        Your favorite pen with waterproof ink. I use a Pilot Metropolitan with Noodlers Lexington Grey ink, but use whatever you have handy! (you might like to have a couple of options to play with). I also enjoy my Lamy Safari and a refillable Copic Multiliner size 0.25.
        • Paper towel or cloth

          • Cup for water

            • Watercolors

              • Hansa Yellow Medium
              • Monte Amiata Natural Sienna
              • Phthalo Blue (Green Shade)
              • Jadeite Genuine
              • Perylene Green
              • Burnt Sienna
              • Dioxaine Purple

            What to expect

            Art Toolkit workshops are live events that take place on Zoom. During the workshop, you will have a chance to ask the instructor questions. After the workshop, we’ll provide you with a link to a recording to review on your own time (viewable for at least six months).

            We’ll be in touch a week before the workshop with instructions for connecting and additional information. Please remember to adjust for your time zone. Tickets are non-refundable, but we may be able to transfer your ticket to another student if there is a waitlist.

            We present our workshops with automated captions. If you wish to request additional accommodations, please let us know in advance.

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            Watercolor artist Andrea England sits on rocks in the tidal zone of a Pacific coast beach, with painting in hand, looking at the camera.

            About Andrea

            Andrea England is a watercolor artist who lives aboard a sailboat studio. She loves sailing, scuba diving, and beach combing, and her love of the water flows through her and into her sketches and paintings. Andrea uses translucent colors, bold shapes, and rippling lines to bring depth, movement, and life to her coastal art. Each piece recreates the revitalizing, energizing sensation of being by the sea.

            Andrea is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and organizes meetups for Victoria Urban Sketchers. Before running away to sea, she spent 15 years as a primary school teacher, and she now combines her passions for art and education through teaching online classes. Andrea is excited to share her techniques for capturing the magic of the coast in this Art Toolkit workshop!

            Learn more about Andrea on her website, and on Instagram.