Market watercolor by Suhita Shirodkar.

Sketching Vignettes

Learn to sketch fearlessly by simplifying a scene.

Online Workshop with Suhita Shirodkar November 6, 10am–12:15pm Pacific, or November 7, 10am-12:15 Pacific

When you sketch on location, are you overwhelmed by all that you see? Do you struggle to simplify the scene before you? Have you been afraid to dive in and sketch the subject because it involves people? In this workshop, set in a Farmers’ Market, you will learn to sketch quick vignettes that capture the energy and essence of a place and its people.

Suhita Shirodkar will share skills designed for and transferrable to working on location, including composing vignettes and thinking in visual stories. You will learn to draw sketches fearlessly, regardless of subject matter, and get tips on how to begin sketching people.

Update: both workshops are now full.

  • Saturday, November 6th, from 10am-12:15pm Pacific (workshop full).
  • Sunday, November 7th, from 10am-12:15pm Pacific (workshop full).

November 6, 10am–12:15pm Pacific, or November 7, 10am-12:15 Pacific

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What to expect

This is a live workshop that will take place on Zoom. During the workshop, you will have a chance to ask the instructor questions and connect with your fellow classmates. After the workshop, we’ll provide you with a recording to review on your own time.

We’ll be in touch the week of the workshop with instructions for connecting and additional information. Please remember to set a reminder for yourself, and adjust for your timezone. Tickets are non-refundable, but we may be able to transfer your ticket to another student if there is a wait list.

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Recommended supplies

These are the supplies that Suhita recommends, but feel free to use what you have on hand!

  • Paper/Sketchbook: multiple loose papers or a sketchbook that handles watercolor, pen and ink. (Paper should be thick enough to work for watercolor, but smooth enough for pen work). I use a Stillman and Birn Beta sketchbook. You can use a paper or book you know well as long as it meets the above criteria.
  • Pen: any pen with waterproof ink works. We will use watercolor over our pen drawing. I use fountain pens filled with either DeAtramentis Document Ink or Carbon Platinum Ink, both in black. My favorite pen is a Sailor Fude nib pen, but it’s not a pen to bring to the workshop unless you have used it before and like it. Other fountain pens I enjoy include the Lamy Safari and TWSBI pen.
  • Brushes: a round brush size 6 or 8 with a good tip (like the Rosemary R13 or R9) or a dagger brush like the Rosemary Travel R12 Dagger.
  • Pencil and eraser: a soft pencil, 4B or 6B for thumbnails.
  • Watercolors:

    Suhita encourages you to use what you have and enjoy, with at least a couple of reds, blues, yellows, one green, and a brown. The list below includes the fundamentals of her palette. If you’d like to test out these paints, we’ve created an optional Sample Dot Card that you can select at checkout.

  • Other Media: bring along a few colored pencils, or crayons if you have them. A tube of white gouache is always handy.
  • Paper towel or cloth to keep things clean
  • Cup for water
Watercolor artist Suhita Shirodkar sketching the Grand Canyon.

About Suhita

Suhita Shirodkar is an urban sketcher, visual journalist, and educator based in San Jose, California. She teaches sketching workshops locally and around the world. She is currently a visual journalist as a part of a residency with WIRED magazine and has been the recipient of grants from the Knight Foundation and Belle Foundation.

Suhita's teaching focuses on urban sketcher and reportage illustration. She draws and shares stories from the world around her. What captivates her varies widely from life on streets to the disappearing, decaying sides of cities. Her work has appeared in various magazines and books and has been in juried shows as well as solo exhibitions. She hopes that teaching and popularizing sketching will help open the doors to many more people to see themselves as artists, makers, deep observers, and recorders of the world around them.

You can see more of Suhita’s work on her website, on Instagram, on Facebook, and in this live demo with Maria.