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A watercolor painting by Max Romey of an Alaskan sky over mountains, with deeply saturated colors.

Painting Timelapse Skies

Bring All the Colors of an Alpine Sky into Your Painting with Max Romey

Online Workshop with Max Romey Saturday, April 29, from 10am–12:15pm Pacific

Join us on Saturday, April 29th at 10am Pacific for Painting Timelapse Skies with Max Romey.

In Alaska, the sky is an ever-changing landscape of light this time of year. As the days lengthen, colors are more vibrant and intense. In this watercolor workshop, you will work with adventure artist Max Romey to break down the shifting colors of a fiery Alaskan sunrise and sunset, creating a one-of-a-kind mountain scene.

Together we will explore three techniques to create expressive skies. By combining the tools of wet-on-wet painting, lifting, and blooms, you will add light and dimension to your landscapes in a whole new way.

All levels are welcome!

Saturday, April 29, from 10am–12:15pm Pacific

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Max’s Recommended Supplies

  • Watercolors

    A light warm, a dark warm, a light cool and a dark cool, but we will be able to make something amazing with what ever colors you have. I will mostly be using:

    • Watercolor paper

      At least 3 sheets, but more is welcome.
      • Watercolor brushes

        Bring your favorite goldilocks brush (not too big not too small) and something a bit bigger and smaller if you have it.
        • Waterproof pen (so it does not bleed), pencil and an eraser.
          • 2 water cups: one for rinsing one for water (it makes a huge difference)
            • Paper towel or tissue

              What to expect

              Art Toolkit workshops are live events that take place on Zoom. During the workshop, you will have a chance to ask the instructor questions. After the workshop, we’ll provide you with a link to a recording to review on your own time (viewable for at least six months).

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              Max Romey sketching at night in the mountains.

              About Max

              Max Romey is an Alaskan artist who found his voice in watercolors. As a dyslexic, visual storytelling has always been a huge part of Max’s life. Whether with watercolors as a kid, photography, or film, he has always been intrigued by how visual content can connect broad audiences without a single written word.

              This drive ignited his passion for film-making, which he has been pursuing over the past six years. His work as a running videographer takes him all over the globe, but his true passion shines on Alaskan trails, and in the communities they bring together.

              Learn more about Max on his website and on Instagram.