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Watercolor painting of Alaskan night sky by Max Romey.

From Mountaintop to Tabletop at Night

Bringing the night to life.

Online Workshop with Max Romey January 22, 10am-12:15pm Pacific, or January 23, 10am-12:15pm Pacific

In Alaska, most of the winter is shrouded in darkness. Exploring night painting opens up worlds of possibility in the hidden landscapes of night watercolors. Learn how to paint and see a whole new kind of mountainscape as we bring a night sketch from the mountain top to the tabletop with this fun, bright, interactive class. All levels are welcome!

January 22, 10am-12:15pm Pacific, or January 23, 10am-12:15pm Pacific

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What to expect

Art Toolkit workshops are live events that take place on Zoom. During the workshop, you will have a chance to ask the instructor questions. After the workshop, we’ll provide you with a recording to review on your own time.

We’ll be in touch a week before the workshop with instructions for connecting and additional information. Please remember to adjust for your time zone. Tickets are non-refundable, but we may be able to transfer your ticket to another student if there is a waitlist.

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Max’s Recommended Supplies

  • Watercolor paper or sketchbook

    Ideally cold press.
    • Paints and palette

      The Daniel Smith Essential Color Set is helpful. We’ll also be emphasizing a few fun dark colors like indigo and Prussian blue.
      • Waterproof pen

        Fine point Sharpie or Micron work fine.
        • Pencil and eraser

          Optional and dependent on your confidence.
          • Brushes

            Whatever you find comfortable. I usually go Goldy Lox with a big, small and perfect middle.
            Max Romey sketching at night in the mountains.

            About Max

            Max Romey is a trail runner, videographer, explorer, and artist. Growing up dyslexic, he kept questioning why he fell behind his classmates and why reading and spelling seemed to take so long.⁠ Watercolors and sketching became a refuge and a way to share his ideas without misspelling them. Max dreamed of creating and sharing stories, and his sketchbook and camera became a way to do that.⁠ Learn more about Max on his website and on Instagram.