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Still life with orange by Suhita Shirodkar.

Depth and Drama

Explore mark-making in mixed media with Suhita Shirodkar

Online Workshop with Suhita Shirodkar

Join us online Saturday, October 29th from 10am–12:15pm Pacific for Depth and Drama: Exploring Mark-Making in Mixed Media with Suhita Shirodkar.

This workshop will focus on bringing depth and drama to your art using simple mixed media tools you already own. We will combine them with pen, ink, and watercolor for rich, textured, and lively sketches. All levels are welcome!

Not currently scheduled

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Suhita’s Recommended Supplies

  • Paper

    • 2 sheets of copy paper.
    • Mixed media paper or any paper that can handle watercolor and linework, either loose or in a sketchbook.
  • Mark-Making

    Assortment of mark-making (black or dark grey) tools you may already have (bring at least 4-5 of these to the workshop):
    • Pens: can be fountain pen, felt-tipped pen or any other kind of pen including ball point pen.
    • Pencils: graphite pencil, black colored pencil (water-soluble or not), charcoal pencil or any other kind of pencil.
    • Any other tool you want to draw with.
  • Mixed Media

    • A few colored pencils in basic colors. Water-soluble pencils if you have them, or regular colored pencils.
    • Other mixed media that you may have on hand: colored pens, crayons etc.
  • Brushes

    • At least one round brush, no smaller than #6.
  • Other Supplies

    • Pencil and eraser.
    • Paper towel or cloth.
    • Cup for water.
  • Watercolors

    Basic set. You do not need to have the same colors as me. My basic palette contains, but is not limited to, these pigments:

What to expect

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Portrait of Suhita Shirodkar.

About Suhita

Suhita Shirodkar is an urban sketcher, visual journalist, and educator based in San Jose, CA. She teaches sketching workshops worldwide and is currently a visual journalist with WIRED magazine. Suhita’s teaching focuses on urban sketching and reportage illustration. She draws and shares stories from the world around her.

You can see more of Suhita’s work on her website, on Instagram, on Facebook, and in this live demo with Maria.