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"Overland" watercolor painting by Maria Coryell-Martin


Painting expressive skies in watercolor

Online Workshop with Maria Coryell-Martin Saturday, June 4, from 10am-12:15pm Pacific

Learn tools and techniques for painting expressive skies in watercolor in this workshop with Maria Coryell-Martin. We will explore design, color mixing, and glazing while painting skies ranging from friendly cumulus clouds to windy high cirrus, low stratus, and layered sunsets.

All levels welcome!

Saturday, June 4, from 10am-12:15pm Pacific

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Here’s a preview with some tips to get started painting clouds:

What to expect

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Maria’s Recommended Supplies

Portrait of Maria Coryell-Martin.

About Maria

Maria Coryell-Martin is an expeditionary artist following the tradition of traveling artists as naturalists and educators. Since 2005, she has focused on painting polar and glaciated regions, working scientists and expeditions in the Pacific NW, Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and the Antarctic Peninsula. In the field, she sketches with ink and watercolor, and collects multimedia recordings to build her palette of place, a record of experience, climate, and color. This work inspires studio paintings for exhibits, as well as multimedia presentations and hands-on workshops to promote observation, scientific inquiry, and environmental awareness. Learn more at Maria is also the founder of the Art Toolkit.