"Overland" watercolor painting by Maria Coryell-Martin


Painting expressive skies in watercolor.

Online Workshop with Maria Coryell-Martin

Learn tools and techniques for painting expressive skies in watercolor in this two day workshop. We will explore design, color mixing, and applying glazes. You will have the opportunity to paint four distinct cloudscapes based on photos, from a calm day with friendly cumulus clouds, misty mornings with low stratus, windy afternoons high cirrus, and layered sunsets. All levels welcome!

Day one will focus on clear skies and dramatic cumulus and cirrus clouds. On day two, we will focus on mist and luminous, layered light.

This workshop will take place via Zoom. I will send out the link to join the Zoom session a few days before the workshop, along with images and notes for preparation. After our session, you will receive access to a recording for review and an invitation to a Facebook group for additional opportunities to connect.

Not currently scheduled

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I recommend having the following supplies:

  • Paper: you’ll want to use 140lb or heavier watercolor paper. I’ll be working on small pieces of Arches 140lb. cold-press watercolor paper, 4" x 6" and smaller. Please contact us if you need paper, I have limited packs available.
  • Watercolors: please feel free to paint with what you have! I’ll be painting with a combination of my Expeditionary Art Palette, and our Essential Colors Palette which includes six essential colors and is a great place to start if you are beginning.
  • Brushes: use what you have! I’ll demonstrate with travel and water brushes, which I like for their portability and convenience.
  • Extras: pencil, eraser, paper towel, old toothbrush (optional), spray bottle (optional).

Here’s a preview with some tips to get started painting clouds: