Maria Coryell-Martin painting in the Cascades.

Adventure Sketching

Explore techniques for creating colorful and expressive sketches with ink and watercolor.

Online Workshop with Maria Coryell-Martin

Prepare for sketching on your summer adventures, whether out in your garden or up in the mountains! We'll explore techniques for creating colorful and expressive sketches with ink and watercolor.

As we can't all be together in the same place, I'll be hosting this workshop live from my studio. We'll be working with reference photos from some of my favorite outdoor locations in the Pacific Northwest.

On day one, we will practice energetic line work with fundamental tools for observation. We'll cover gesture and contour sketching, as well as tips for composition and creative page layouts.

On day two, we'll play with spontaneous watercolor, applying washes of paint to enliven our ink sketches.

This workshop will take place via Zoom. I will send out the link to join the Zoom session a few days before the workshop, along with some images and notes for preparation. After our workshop, you will receive access to a recording for review, as well as an invitation to a Facebook group for additional opportunities to connect.

Not currently scheduled

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I recommend having the following supplies:

  • Sketchbook: I recommend a minimum of 80lb paper for light watercolor/mixed-media use. I like Moleskine watercolor journals and Stillman and Birn Alpha and Beta softcover sketchbooks.
  • Waterproof Pen: I recommend a waterproof pen such as a Sharpie Fine Pen or Copic Multiliner. You may also enjoy a brush pen or fountain pen. I love the Pentel Brush pen and Platinum Carbon Fountain Pen. Other popular fountain pens for sketching include the Lamy Safari and Sailor Fude 55 pen. You can learn more about a selection of the pens I use on my blog.
  • Watercolors: please feel free to paint with what you have! I'll be painting primarily with the Expeditionary Art Palette, as I prefer a small and portable palette.
  • Brushes: I'll demonstrate with travel and water brushes which I like for their portability and convenience.
  • Extras: paper towel or soft rag to wipe your brushes. I prefer using blue shop towels which can be rinsed and reused.

Here's a short video to take you to the North Cascades mountains, for an ink and watercolor demonstration. Enjoy!

Picture of Maria Coryell-Martin.

About Maria

Maria Coryell-Martin is an expeditionary artist, educator, and founder of Art Toolkit and Expeditionary Art.