Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install the Toolkit on more than one computer?
No - you have purchased a single-user license which allows you to install the program on one computer. However, you MAY install the computer on your home computer and your school computer if they are both Macs or both PCs. If you need a Mac AND PC version, you will need to purchase the cross platform version for $90.

Can I get a refund on the software?
No - there are no refunds once you have downloaded the software. If you are having an issue with the software, email us and let us know what the problem is first, perhaps we can advise you via email.

The lesson plans that are included on the toolkit aren't appropriate to my grade level. Did I get the wrong toolkit?
No - the lesson plans that are included are for various grade levels. They are samples - meant to supplement YOUR lesson plans. If you don't like them or you don't need them, simply delete them!

How do I save the files?
The Toolkit automatically saves your data when you quit the program. There is no need to "save" or "save as."

How can I print as a PDF file?
On a Mac, click the print it button. When the print window opens, click PDF > save as PDF.
On a PC, go to and get a free "print to PDF" application if you don't have a silmilar program on your computer.

I am switching grade levels next year, do I have to buy a new Toolkit?
No, simply change the grade level on the "entry" page where you select the state and grade level. You can also do this if you move to a new state.

My state just revised our state standards and the old standards are in the toolkit - how can I update the standards?
It's easy, just follow the directions "editing your state standards" in this document. The drop-down state and benchmarks menus will reflect the changes / edits you make.

I'm having problems installing the Toolkit, what should I do?
Open the zipped file and drag the FOLDER to your Applications or Programs folder. Do NOT move anything from the folder - there are invisible components that need to be in the folder for the toolkit to work.

When I print something, things don't fit / look right. Can you help?
Don't use the typical "print" command on your computer. Instead, most of the Toolkit components have special print "centers" which have options for printing different formats. Use the "print" BUTTON within the program components to access these printing options.

Do you give discounts on volume purchases?
Yes! See below:
1 user license $60 each
2-5 licenses $55 each
6-10 licenses $50 each
11+ licenses $45 each
If you wish to purchase multiple copies of the toolkit, please contact us

I have a question that is not listed. How do I contact you?
Email us at